38 Days


This is kind of how I feel right now…

We are really excited to be moving right now, but HOW did we gather so much in the last five years?!?! And honestly, we don’t even have as many things as last year. Last year we moved all our possessions from our own comfortable 1600 square foot house into a storage unit as a temporary situation. We purged ourselves of the few things we thought we wouldn’t need anymore as we tried to decide what to do with our lives. Big changes were coming, we just didn’t know how big.

And now as we are leaving for our big trip to Rio, we need to categorize everything we own into three groups: take, sell/donate, keep (for our return someday). And sadly, most of it is mine :(. I’m not a hoarder, I just can’t part with pictures and things from my teen years. It was important then, it must be important now, right?

So, we’ll be having a garage sale in a few weeks and I’ll have to face the fact what the experts always say, “If you haven’t used it in a year,…”

I have already decided that all I’m taking is 5 boxes and 4 suitcases..I’m also hoping that I’ll bring some of that back when we return for a visit after a few months..

Here’s to wearing my big girl pants and getting stuff done!


3 thoughts on “38 Days

  1. Angie Ensign

    I know what you mean..I went from 1550 sq gt house to a 700 sq ft loft..and only a city apart. I wouldn’t and still won’t part with my teen photos & letters.. And clothes…well I might fit that one day 🙂 Good luck getting packed up and dealing with becoming a minimalist 🙂


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